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Somebody's animating again! Danger! Controversy!

2012-04-25 17:25:34 by Meebs

Hey! Hey! HI!1

I haven't submitted a cartoon to newgrounds in years! Hi!
I just submitted a short toon to the portal, so go watch it ya stinkers!

I made it for a class I'm taking, but figured I should submit it since I've been pretty absent from this site for a hot minute.
Ahh...the good old days...



Somebody's animating again! Danger! Controversy!


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2012-04-25 19:56:44

fav'd and fived good work mang. Made me laugh a few times :)

Meebs responds:

Thanks! This is the longest a cartoon of mine has ever been under judgement. Guess politics scare the average NG user.


2012-04-26 00:45:41

I didn't think the cartoon itself was that great, but it's fucking awesome you came back anyway.

Another reason it takes longer is probably how the Under Judgment section works. There's a lot more stuff to pour through and you don't always have time to watch through something that's obviously crap or another shovelware game. Anyway, the main reason it takes forever is because average users must weigh the quality of the flash against its content. That means: is the presentation good enough?

And plenty are tempted to blam purely because the politics are divisive or against one's point of view. Thus, it becomes a quandary over how to approach something you don't like a whole lot. (Not the case in the Audio Portal, where they'll blam purely because the music is of a genre they despise.) Frankly, it's hard to be fair when faced with something intrinsically biased. If I disagree, do I blam, or if I agree, five? Or vote on the general competence of the design and the effectiveness of the jokes, etc.?

Anyway, it's obvious that it's a school project due to its low quality on a deadline; the expectations of a class of kids who know you is a lot less than around here. If you're willing to stick around a while longer and submit other stuff, make every effort to impress us. From what I've seen with the Santorum flash, that shouldn't be impossible for you.

For more political irreverence, I recommend "The Kerry Kampaign" by Jeremy Lokken.

(Updated ) Meebs responds:

Hey. I don't care. I know how newgrounds works. I didn't need an essay, though it seems you're a fan of writing them.

I could write a similar longwinded essay tearing apart both comments you've given me for how misguided they are, but I don't care about impressing you.
The cartoon is supposed to be ridiculously one sided. Santorum's remarks (btw I watched/rewatched at least 10 videos of him before creating it) were just so ridiculous and unacceptable that my way of responding to it is shitting on him.

You clearly didn't get the point of the cartoon. That's ok. Have a nice day.


2012-04-27 13:07:27

I don't have sound right now, but I'll make sure I watch later.


2012-04-28 16:35:28

Ken Kaniff, from Connecticut. Automated piece of shit


2012-05-05 16:36:08

I don't give a shit if You said "Don't watch if you're a troll" You ARE THE FUCKING GAY TROLL! It's not funny when I first saw it!

Meebs responds:

You're only digging your troll hole deeper. Go learn about tolerance, little boy.


2012-05-12 16:00:46

You know what, I don't care about your Response "You're only digging your troll hole deeper. Go learn about tolerance, little boy." So, fuck you!


And you know what else, you said you were born in 12/11/04. You're not a 19 year old, Because you were born in 2004, "little boy", or should I say "little 8 year old".


2012-05-12 18:00:57

You know what, I lied... please ignore the comment I left below. I'm actually glad this is your first flash. What I misunderstood was your age. You and I are kinda alike. How? Well I'll share some similarities listed below.

-We're both in school
-We're both teenagers
-I never submitted a toon in years, too.

I apoligize for the comments I posted; this was an o.k. flash. Keep it up, I hope Santorium will become president, too.

...But please... DON'T talk about "troll" anymore and don't call me "little boy".


2012-05-26 17:18:04

Meebs... I'm adding this to my favorites, BUT... I'm NOT doing it because you think it's funny, because I don't think it is, I'm doing it BECAUSE it's your first flash!


2012-05-26 17:20:09

No,"YOU'RE only digging your troll hole deeper. Go learn about tolerance, little boy."


2012-05-26 17:29:02

You did G-R-E-A-T!! But seriously, do you think I'm writing too many comments?

Meebs responds:

chill. it's all good.


2012-07-10 15:29:37

Thanks! :)


2012-08-11 15:37:22

Hey, Dan. You workin' on anything new? Like the cartoon again! ( Wish I could've taken all those bad comments back. ) Oh, and I'm almost sixteen. My birthday's on the 29.