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Somebody's animating again! Danger! Controversy!

2012-04-25 17:25:34 by Meebs

Hey! Hey! HI!1

I haven't submitted a cartoon to newgrounds in years! Hi!
I just submitted a short toon to the portal, so go watch it ya stinkers!

I made it for a class I'm taking, but figured I should submit it since I've been pretty absent from this site for a hot minute.
Ahh...the good old days...



Somebody's animating again! Danger! Controversy!

what's new with me!??

2012-02-23 18:31:09 by Meebs

Hey guys. You may remember me from things. Or you may not. I'd like to hope that the simple mention of my name sends shivers of memory down your genitals. anyway.

I haven't been active animation-wise lately due to college and stuff. However, all i had lined up for this semester was a play that I was directing and that's over now. So I have free time to animate! Whoa. Haven't done that shit since I was 15. Oops.
Also I just released a new EP of fun electronic/indie/dance music.

Check it out on my soundcloud.

I also submitted one of the songs to the audio portal if you wanna vote n shiiit

oh hey

2011-08-04 13:24:59 by Meebs

Guess whos making cartoons again BITCHEESSSSSS

yall better be squirtin all over the place after this announcement or else I wont finish em.
Just kidding. Im on vicodin from surgery, get out of here with your judgement.

oh hey


2008-08-18 02:58:26 by Meebs

Oh yeah, i've been back for a couple a weeks, I forgot to make a post.

I should have a new cartoon out hopefully by late september, although it might take longer than that.
It's a collaboration with the same people I worked on albino cop with.

das about it.



2008-06-21 16:07:38 by Meebs

Alright, tomorrow I'm going away to camp for six weeks. I probably won't be able to update my site at all during this time, but you never know because I will have my ipod touch, and there might be some wifi. So you can still send me emails and stuff if you need to.

Make sure you check out FFB short #1 if you haven't already, and leave some comments up on my site. Also, you might want to subscribe to my youtube account of you have an account.

In other news, I got the voice acting for a cartoon I'm doing with the guys that I worked with on albino cop. I'll be working on that when i get back.

I'll be back in six weeks, and I expect SEVERAL large parties upon my return.

I'm dying...

2008-06-08 10:59:39 by Meebs

.... to make a news post today! HAHAHAHA

How was big apple con guys? I almost went but instead I made a little short.

/* */
And please leave some comments on the video! I love comments!
Or watch it on my site! Go to my site! My site? Check out my site!

This is probably one of the last things I upload before I leave for six weeks.
Next week is my last week of school!

Happy Pico Day!

2008-04-30 21:03:46 by Meebs

Happy pico day, and happy birthday Tom!

In celebration of pico day, I dug up an old Pico clip I made a couple years ago that was actually going to be in an All Fads Die, but I wasn't too good back then haha.

It's a parody of the Pico Day Anthem by Jazza :)

(watch the original here!)

In other news, my site now has a comment system on news posts and flash submissions. If you like any of my work, go comment on it!! I love reading comments.

Yeah okay, bye :)

EDIT: haha, Jazza made the front page post before mine :)

Happy Pico Day!

I'm about to explode!

2008-02-22 15:06:27 by Meebs

Just kidding.

But i did make a new cartoon.
Watch it fools!

It's indie and stuff.
It's one of my first seriocomedies, and I got to experiment a lot with my style.

I made everything in it, except some of the textures, which are from this place.

Thanks to Luis, Temariix, KingDavid, and Decade for previewing it!


I'm about to explode!

doo doo doo!

2008-02-01 22:57:00 by Meebs


In other news, I finally replaced that cartoon with non-copyrighted music that I made so that I could continue hosting it. The old song definitely made the cartoon funnier, but it's all good.
Go watch it on newgrounds or my site!

Fine I'll put a dumb link.

Here, you poopface.

It's nowhere near as good as something like...Albino Cop for example (in terms of animation), but it was all in good fun.Plus my site needs content...

In other, other news, my gamertag is UncommonMidget.
Add me, fools.

Albino Cop

2007-12-10 21:18:07 by Meebs


My new cartoon is entitled Albino Cop, go watch it now!
It was created by myself and Rubydog Movies.

This cartoon sort of marks the official release of my website, FlashForBreakfast!

Go there as well!
Go everywhere!


P.s. No big deal is still down due to legal issues.

Albino Cop